Chuguji Temple

Chuguji Temple is one of the three nunneries in Yamato whose chief priestesses were imperial princesses. Chuguji Temple was built by Prince Shotoku for his mother, Anahobe-no-Hashihito. In Chuguji there are two National Treasures. One is the image of Miroku Bosatsu, the principal image of Chuguji Temple. This image is said to be a representative work at the Asuka and Hakuho periods, because of its moderate smile with graceful pose, putting the right leg on the left thigh and touching the cheek with the right finger. Another is Tenjukoku Shucho (fragments). This is an embroidered picture of heaven, where the soul of Prince Shotoku was to be after his death. This embroidery was made at the command of Tachibana-no-Oiratsume, Prince Shotokufs consort.

œAccess : from JR Horyuji Sta., take the bus for Horyujimon-mae and get off at Chuguji-mae. (about 8 min. on foot)

Open :Mar. 21 to Sep. 30  9:00 a.m. `4:30 p.m.
@@@@@@ Oct. 1 to Mar. 20    9:00 a.m. `4:00 p.m.

Admission Fee : 400 yen for adults